Our Story

LEMON and PEPPER - two labels founded by Mr. Sunil Shah in 2002 focused on delivering good quality and comfortable shoes at affordable rates to the Indian woman.

Building from the original core values and aesthetics, Nirav and Gunjan Shah paved way for Lemon & Pepper to become one amazing brand. The brother-sister duo gave a crisp and young perspective to how the brand can deliver a trendier, fashionable line to the discerning buyer.

“Would we buy this?” became the new mantra before putting even a single creation out. From personally trying on each shoe to ensure that the fit is just right, to making sure that the accents on each bag are beyond perfect - there is a special dose of love put into each creation that comes out of the Lemon & Pepper studio. But that’s not all - want to know a little secret? Only the designs that bring a smile of satisfaction to Mr. Sunil Shah’s face and have a resounding elicit ‘Yes!!” from the team make it to the shelves!

It is this labor of love that has led to the curation of a Shoe and Bag range that is unique, fashion-forward, practical and transitional. Nothing makes team Lemon & Pepper happier than a satisfied customer.

We hope you find your happiness with us.